I started going to Enzo in January 2011 and have been having regular massages from him since. Mostly I have deep tissue massages to help relieve the tension I built up in my back and across my shoulders, as I spend a great deal of time at a keyboard. I have also discovered that I build up tension, manifesting in knots in my “glutes” and Enzo is excellent at removing those knots. From time to time, I indulge in a relaxation massage and happily fall asleep on the massage table.


I have suffered a bad upper back injury with multiple vertebrae fractures in a car accident about 10 years ago. Having an office job and spending at least 9 hours every day in front of a computer does make the back and shoulder muscles tense and painful. I was referred to Enzo by one of my friends who had previously used his services. Enzo has helped me to forget about the painful strains of the back and shoulder muscles. Taking regular massage sessions has also helped to get rid of lots of chronic muscle tightness. I have been one of Enzo’s regulars, recently I have started taking one hour full body massage and I seem not to be able to do without since.


I've been using Enzo's massage service for several years. I have a particular problem with my back and Enzo is always careful to ensure it gets the right treatment. The environment is very relaxing and the massage always first class.


I run regularly and now I don't take part in a race unless I've seen Enzo. He is wonderful at attacking those tight areas and I feel so much lighter afterwards - like I'm running on air. I never need to tell him my problem areas; he's so in tune and locates perfectly the muscles that need work. I used to have niggling areas during my longer runs and now I don't have any issues following treatments with him. Thanks, Enzo!

Miranda (amateur long distance runner)

Enzo has been my masseur for the last few years. I have a 1.5 hr session every week. I really look forward to it. I find the massage very enjoyable, both stress relieving and relaxing. I nearly always drift asleep and wake up feeling very refreshed and looking invigorated. He is also very kind and thoughtful and able to pick up particular pressure points in my muscular skeletal structure and make them better. He is a great masseur.